Wonderful Quote (Android)


Wonderful Quote App for Android

Wonderful Quote is based on my own experience to have inspirational quotes on sticky notes all over my place. The idea is simply to have running an application on the background that will display inspirational quotes every certain period of time without interfering with what the user is doing. So for example, if you were sending a message and typing in text using the keyboard, the quote would not be in the way of that process. You could either read the quote or ignore it without affecting the interaction with the phone.

You could have the option to change various features of the application. For instance, you could change the frequency of the quote displayed, choosing a quote to be generated between 1 and 2 minutes. In this case you would not really know when exactly the quote would be displayed, adding some surprise factor.

You can enter quotes manually through the user interface and saving them on a list permanently. Furthermore, these quotes can be added to a playlist configured by yourself. You can also share your favorites quotes with your friends on the social networks, instant messages apps or by email.

In conclusion, if you need some random or aforethought inspiration, remind yourself the positive statements of the people that you admire to cheer yourself up, Magic Quote is your app.

“Believe you can and you are halfway there” Theodore Roosevelt