The End of Portable Consoles?


The end of PSP?

Nintendo 3DS (3DS) and Playstation Portable (PSP) were launched a few years ago. It seems that portable consoles are not as successful as they used to be. What does the future hold for these devices?

PSP is fading as the last E3 showed. Not even Sony presented games in the fair for its handheld. This fact is probably the first sign that PSP will sink into oblivion soon.

3DS is quite successful though. Main third parties and smaller publishers keep on supporting it with games of high quality. It goes without saying that Nintendo sells its main franchises as doughnuts.

Yu Suzuki, the legendary developer behind Sega franchises such as Outrun and Shenmue commented in Barcelona’s gamelab that Japanese computer game market is really in good shape. However, he specified that the mobile phone gaming market is increasing dramatically to the detriment of portable consoles.

This situation applies to the other two main markets, Europe and USA. More and more computer game consumers own more powerful mobile phones and the quality of the game versions for them are as good as the ones found in portable consoles. Electronic arts already announced that were stopping producing games for portable consoles since they needed to make a good use of their resources  as the gaming market goes towards the mobile phones controled by Google and Apple.

Is it then the last generation of portable consoles? In my opinión, Sony will give up and PSP will be the last adventure for Sony in this market. Nintendo can unbeliabably say that 3DS is doing good despite of the mobile phones competence. However, this could change any moment in the near future. Time will give the answer.