School Network

Problem to Solve


School Network Logical Topology

You have been asked by a local school to design a new network.   At present there is only a simple LAN installed consisting of some computers networked to printers with a 64k digital Internet access (POP) located in the store room. The store room will be converted in a Communications (Comms) room to house the Main Distribution Facility, (MDF).

There is a main two-storey building, and a single-storey studio.   The ground floor of the main building that is 100metres x 120metres. The admin is on the ground floor with 6 computers and one printer and reception with 4 computers and a printer. One classroom on the ground floor with 12 hosts, located approximately 50 metres from the admin office and a computer lab (with 10 hosts) is on the first floor.  The single storey building is 100 metres north of the main building, with a lab of 8 hosts.  One of the hosts in each classroom is a printer.

The administration is concerned about security and requires one subnetwork for Admin and another for the Students.

The School has a Web server and DNS server with an IP address of for internet access.  The internal LAN network is the Class C IP address: behind the firewall router provisioned with two Ethernet ports for the internal subnetted networks and one for the Web and DNS servers.

a)      Showing your reasoning, determine a suitable number of subnets, the subnet mask, and IPv4 networks for the scenario.  Provide a grid with the IP address ranges, subnet mask and broadcast addresses.

b)      Decide and draw the logical topology using Packet Tracer showing the IP addresses based on your answers to part (a). On copies of the diagram, circle the broadcast and collision domains.