Logistics Business Application (Dissertation)


Logistics Business Application

Legacy Systems were developed in a time in the past when the needs, environment and technologies available were different. An organisation has to reflect on the benefits for the business and the current business activities when considering the evolution of a legacy system.

This dissertation intends to show an accurate and deep understanding of Legacy Systems, which are the problems that they involve and which are the possible approaches and solutions to them. The findings of this research were applied to Newtir S.L, a small logistics company located in Spain in which the use of obsolete technology was affecting their business operations.

The result was the production of Newtir Business Application, a piece of software that was developed with modern technology and replaced Newtir’s old system. This application manages Newtir’s core business activity, which consists of the worldwide shipping of goods for its clients.

This dissertation also presents a systematic approach to the software engineering discipline, emphasising the importance of the stages of the software development life cycle, namely Analysis, Design and Testing as well as the impact that planning and implementation of a development methodology have on a software engineering project.