Greenfinger’s Garden Centre Business Analysis

Problem to solve


Data Flow Diagram for Domain Problem Analysis

You are asked, as members of Pott’s Consultancy, to analyse the problems of the Greenfinger’s Garden Centres.  A copy of the case study is attached as Appendix 1. You are required to provide them with a prototype design of a computer system for both the Stock Administration as well as the Catalogue elements of the business and any ideas for general business process improvement.

Using an Object-Oriented Approach to Analysis and Design, produce a Report which incorporates the following elements:

3.1 Investigate and analyse the current business processes as they affect both the Stock Administration and Catalogue elements of the Greenfinger’s Garden Centres.

Clearly highlight the problems inherent in both systems.

Use appropriate models to support your investigation and analysis.  However, one of the models MUST include a UML Class Diagram produced using the Agilian Case tool.  All models should be clearly cross-referenced in your report narrative.

3.2 Describe ideas for how the current Stock Administration and Catalogue systems could be improved, and include these in your design solution. Provide a clear rationale for your design decisions. Include a detailed list of User Requirements.

Complete any models that will assist in the explanation of your proposal to the Head of the Consultancy and implement them.   These must include:

3.2.1 A UML Class Diagram in Agilian to show the architecture of your proposed system in terms of Classes and Objects.

3.2.2 A set of user-interface and report designs of your proposed prototype. Present the user-interface desifgns as a storyboard to show how your improvements could be implemented.

…. in addition to any other models which your Consultancy feels would help clarify the    architecture of your proposed system in your report.