Event Management System

Problem to solve


Event Management System Diary Screen

Dudsbury Golf Club Hotel & Spa is a business located near Ferndown. The main business activity lies in the golf course and the hotel. However, it also has a bar, a restaurant and two other rooms where different types of events are carried out, such as weddings, birthday parties, etc. The bar and the restaurant can be also adjusted for some of the above-mentioned events. The client has asked for an event booking system to manage the different aspects of this side of the business. It is needed to store data about which customer and when runs a determined event, which drinks a customer required for a wedding, how many people are attending an event and which are the menu that will be served selected by the customer, etc.

The client for this project is ‘Dudsbury Golf Club Hotel and SPA’, a business located in West Parley which offers accommodation and leisure services. Currently, the Event Management system employed by the business is a manual, paper based system. The project goal is to develop a new, software based solution to event management bookings. This will be used by various staff, from receptionists to management, within the company. However it will not be available to outside clients at this time.

The project objective is to create a management system written in Java, with this system being connected to a mySql database used to store data. Objectives of the system include:

  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • Quick and efficient software.
  • A user log-in system, for system security.
  • Security and stability of the software, able to be relied upon.
  • Fully editable and amendable booking events, including weddings, wakes, restaurant meals, and general functions.
  • Well designed and accessible database.
  • Comprehensive tutorial system for users of the application.

The aim is to create the programs with the above attributes and make it fully usable for the company.

The project will have two main operations. These are the GUI program at the hotel used for booking events, and the database to store the data of booking and customer details. When booking an event the customer would have to phone, email or go into the hotel itself. The application will enable the staff to record all data electronically.

When a staff member has booked the event it must be securely stored in a database. This database must be accessible through different users and be able to be accessed at any time. This project does not process customer payment for their events as that is already completed by the company successfully and securely, however it will record payment details.