Dynamic Website to Manage a School System

Problem to solve


School Website

You must construct an online student records site for a college or university.

It should consist of at least the following pages:

Course List Page
This should access the database and display the list of courses that the university offers. You should only display the basic information such as course name and number. You should be able to click on any of the courses, and be taken to a detail page for that course.

Single Course Detail Page
This should give more details of the course, such as which units make up the course.

Unit Detail Page
This should give details of each unit: Lecturer, Room, Date and Time, with a short description of content.

Student List Page
This will display a list of the students. It should also display which course the student is registered on.

Single Student Detail Page
This page will contain personal information about a student.

Register Page
This should show the attendance record of each student on a particular unit.

You will also need the following tables:


You may add extra pages or tables if you wish.

For example, you might want to add:

• Pages which would allow the user to add, delete and update course, unit and student records.

• A page which the lecturer can use to enter attendance details for a particular lecture.

• The ability to store information about assignment marks for each unit – possibly in an XML related format.