Developing a Cinema Website

Problem to solve


Cinema Website

You have been asked by a potential employer, as part of their selection process, to create a website together with full documentation for one of your hobbies/interests. The website must provide a wide range of information on your chosen topic as well as highlight your abilities in website development.

Although the precise content is up to you, the employer has issued the following guidelines for a generic website, which should be regarded as a target requirement:

  1. Introduction page.
  2. Main topic ideas.
  3. Principal characters involved in the topic. Directors, actors
  4. Details of any regular topic events. Such as festivals
  5. Details of any special topic events.
  6. Details of how to become involved in the topic. Clubs
  7. An ‘About Us’ page.
  8. Contact email address.
  9. HTML feedback form.
  10. Links to other websites of interest.

During the website development process you may find other items that could be added to your design.