Chesney’s Fireplace Desktop Application

Problem to solve


Chesney’s Fireplace Desktop Application

Chesney’s Fireplaces – Background Information:

Chesney’s Fireplaces was founded over 20 years ago and sell a range of high quality fireplaces supplied by several leading manufacturers. Some of the manufacturers which the Company buy from include:

Churchill Ltd – supplies fireplaces with traditional designs. Chesney’s call this their Heritage Collection.

Aspel Ltd – this Co. is licensed by the John Soane Museum, London to manufacture a range of designs for fireplaces according to original John Soane designs. This is known as the Soane Collection.

Jasper Conran – who supply Chesney’s with a range of modern fireplaces. Chesney’s call this their Contemporary Collection.

3. Functional Requirements:

Chesney’s require a new information system to help them operate their business.

You are required to design and implement the part of the system which enables the Buyer to maintain the Company’s Catalogue. The Catalogue contains details of fireplaces which are stocked, including current stock levels, and the suppliers of these items.

Your design and implementation should allow the Buyer to perform the following tasks:

• Add a new supplier to the Catalogue
• Add a new item (fireplace) to the Catalogue – the supplier of the item must already be in the Catalogue and must be specified when the item is added
• Lists details of suppliers and items
• Update the quantity in stock for an item
• Change the supplier for an item – the new Supplier must already be in the Catalogue
• Delete Supplier and item details

4. Non-Functional Requirements:

In additional to the Functional Requirements listed above, Chesney Fireplaces would also like you to provide the following features:

• A login and logout feature to restrict user access to the system.
• An on-line help feature.