Analysis of Business Processes and IT System Implementation

Problem to solve


Role Activity Diagram

You have been given a brief description of a particular application domain, and have been  asked to produce a number of deliverables, for the final requirements document.

Models of Processes

Produce Role Activity Diagrams for the given scenario(s). You should produce two distinct models, one of the current, (as-is), process, as described, and one to illustrate your
suggested revised process (which will incorporate an IT system). Aside from accuracy of the model marks will also be awarded for:

• Appropriate separation of problem into constituent parts.
• Sensible choices for logic of process & appropriate level of abstraction.
• Appropriate (and correct) use of notation, e.g., state, actions, interactions &
control constructs.

Analysis of Processes
• Analysis of process. Describe any ambiguities that you have discovered from  your analysis, relating this to the models you have produced.
• Describe, as a process modelling professional, the changes that you have suggested, along with benefits, and potential risks, of such changes.

Reflections on the Method, Requirements and Specification
Discuss the issues and solutions encountered in moving from analysis (the process models) to specification and design, and mechanisms that you would use to ensure alignment of the
business process model (and business needs) and the IT system.

Working as a Team (Individual section)
Reflect upon how you worked on this task as a team (or individual), for example, how you partitioned the task, what you learned from the task and the process, and what skills you have gained.