Gwanghwamun in Seoul

I just found a job in Kentish Town, London.

I am a passionate Software Engineer who loves working in challenging IT projects within creative teams. An effective problem solver with excellent leadership and communication skills who enjoys participating and understanding the customer needs and translating them into software requirements. A constant learner determined to share knowledge for the success of the projects and ready to work around the world if required. I enjoy every area of the development life cycle, although I have predilection for the analysis and the testing. I love working with Databases in particular and any software engineering task in general.

I am a resourceful and ambitious person, somebody that is always in the search of new challenges. I enjoy bettering myself, fulfilling my goals and having new experiences that enlighten my existence.

I intend to write interesting stories about my passions, which are technology, especially computer games; travelling, cinema and food. I have been travelling in many countries, mainly as backpacker. My favorite country is Japan. Japan culture left a big influence on me when I was a child through manga, anime and computer games. More and more I developed interest on it so I read books, watched movies, etc. I have been 3 times there. It is a wonderful country.


Nintendo HQ in Kyoto

I love computer games. I played my first game on a ZX Spectrum computer, the mentioned game was Abu Simbel. After that, the only thing I really wanted was to have my own computer. I convinced my mother to buy me an Amstrad CPC 464 when I was 7 years old. That is how my love for computer games started. I have owned many game devices since then. I have always had a predilection for Nintendo games. My favourite console is Super Nintendo. I adore Nintendo’s classics for it, such as Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Metroid and Super Mario World.

My horizons broadened when I moved to England. I started meeting people all around the world and as a consequence I got interested in other cultures. Then, I went on my first backpacking trip 5 years ago. I absolutely loved it, admiring beautiful sceneries, the atmosphere of different environments, the peoples, the food.

One of the things I enjoy the most is trying food. I am very adventurous in that sense. I love tasting new food from other gastronomies when I am travelling. My favourite cooking is Korean food, followed by Spanish and Chinese. My favourite dish is Yeontan Pork Bulgogi. I tried for first time in Seoul and I never get tired of it.


Yeontan Bulgogi in Seoul, my favourite dish

I consider myself a film buff. I am always willing to watch a film if I have got some spare time. I enjoy watching films all around the world. My favourite directors are Alfred Hitchcock, Christopher Nolan, Ang Lee, Akira Kurosawa, Hayao Miyazaki and Park Chan-Wook. If I had to choose a film of each of them, it would be North by Northwest, Memento, Lust Caution, Yojimbo, My neighbor Totoro and Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance respectively.